Monday, July 02, 2007

Question for my readers?

How do I list the people that read my blog or blogs I read in my margin? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Vacation Sex

Well I had just returned from a relaxing weekend away from civilization at my mountain home in Pennsylvania. A 5 hour drive back to the DC area, when I get the call from Ms. X, she has decided to go to California for some R&R without me. She asks what time I will be home, I say around 2, she is like my flight is at 5 that leaves m very little time to get my fix of you. I said its not about the length of time but more about the quality of time we spend. Fortunatley for me my roomate was working until 4 and this allowed some time for us to have some peace and quiet. As I neared home I told Ms. X to get on her way and that I would leave the door unlocked for her as I would probably be in the shower. I arrived home, through the luggage in my spare room, the weekends luandry in the washer and headed for the shower. As I jumped I called Ms X and told her to help herself to a drink. As I was lathering up I heard her enter and she walked to the bathroom door to let me know she was here, told her Id be out in a minute and to make herself comfortable in my room. As I was drying off in my door MS X was eyeballing me up and down, and she says its been 5 days since I had your cock in looks wonderful as your toweling off. I asked if how wonderful it looked? She said good enough to eat and immediately took it into her mouth, with one of the ice cubes from her freshly made drink. This was exhillerating to me, as the numbness of the cold and the vision of her working my manhood in and out of her mouth brought me to full erection. I swear she loves making me hard just so she can fuck the hell out of me. She stops right before I cum and says I have a small problem? I am likes whats wrong and she explains that her period is here and that she really needs to fuck me since she is going away for the week. I looked at her and said where is the problem? I mean as a man its not my favorite thing to do, but nothing a towel and or a shower can't fix. I proceeded to my drawer to grab the condom, then to the bathroom for a towel and laid it on the bed. I made Ms X strip for me as I placed the condom on, I think she enjoys stripping for me as I can be hands on and describe to her what I see as she is undressing. Well we were on limited time, so we got down to business, after about 30 minutes and 4 orgasms for MS. X, I had still not cum yet, she was depressed that I hadnt. I said hunny, suck it for me and she did until I came, filling her mouth with my hot love juice and she was qucikly dressed and out the door to the airport. She has called 8 times and texted me about 20 times sicne she has landed and now wishes she invited me to Cali with her, I simply exclaimed next time I would.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Job Change

Hello Fellow Bloggers,
I have decided to switch companies within my industry, since my computer is company owned I may be without a computer until July 16th. I will be back, hope ya'll are doing well.

Ciao for now...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Boy Toy (No Braggin)

Well I guess I need to go back and clue my readers in on the happenings in my life for things to make sense. I met Ms. X back in March at a local watering hole while out with the boys. She is this petite blond little fire cracker, that loves to drink and fuck. I knew from the very instant our eyes met this was no ordinary woman, straight blone her just past her shoulders, the bluest of eyes and a sexy figure. Fortunately for me I struck up a conversation with her and before the night was through I found out that she was divorced with 2 kids and that she had very limited time for a "significant" other. After 2 weeks of phone and text tag she begged to meet me at a bar, and I agreed. She walked in and looked amazing, the whole room practically stood still when she walked in, dressed in her full length fur coat ( it was quite cold at the time), she peeled it off to reveal a short black mini skirt and sheer white top. I was practically speechless. We had a few cocktails and got to know each other, the whole time she had her hand in my lap. I can be very forward at times and didnt mind, I actually like agressive women andfor some reason I am more comfortable with that type, then the shy ones. I guess because it takes some of the guessing out of the equation when leading to other things. Anywho....closing time came quickly and we both had discussed being attracted to each other, so I walked her to her car ( mini van) and was surprised when she invited me in. She whispered in my ear for her to go for a ride with her, and I willingly aggreed. Not long into the ride, she pulled over onto a dark street and parked. We started kissing and petting and things got heavy fast, next thing I knew this beautiful woman was between my legs unzipping my pants, she looked at me and confessed that she had fantasized about sucking my cock. She was a little suprised at the size and girth, I am not a big man in general, but my Italian heritage has served me well. The more she sucked the harder I got and the bigger my member grew. I am not trying to brag, but I have this unusual way of staying hard for a long time without shooting my load and even after I get off it usually wont go down. Back to the van, after about 20 minutes of working my cock into a lather and not getting me off she looked up at me and exclaimed, "Who are You?". I am like what do you mean? She said that she has never seen a guy go through one her BJ's without getting off and I simply replied, I can't cum until you do. That was all she needed to hear, she says will then get to work. Dropping her coat and lifting her skirt she peeled off her panties to reveal the cutest little pussy I have seen in a while. Because it was at night and on a darker part of the street I only got a glimpse, but it was all I needed. As I sat in the seat, she reached between her legs and guided me into her, she was so wet, yet it was still a rough start do to my girth after gently pushing up and down on me it finally slid in and she let out a small moan. She started riding faster and deeper with each thrust of my hips, she started begging for me to hit her harder and I did, driving her into excstacy...she started moaning dont stop and I kept going deeper and deeper until she finally came all over my cock, she looked back at me with amazement and claimed that was the best she's been fucked in years. I told her good, because now I needed to, and could finally cum. She willingly obliged by cleaning off my cock with her tongue and sucking me until I blew my load in her mouth...............mmmmmmmmm yummy. Well thats the introduction and we have been fucking ever since, she has finally admitted in the last few days that she is addicted to me. I am her little boy toy and I couldnt be happier.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A First for Ms. X

Well fellow bloggers it was a great weekend. Friday evening I hung out with Ms. X ( My Cuddle Buddy) after a few hours at the bar we decided to come back to my place where Ms. X promised a massage. There is nothing better then a massage after a rough week and some cocktails. Ms. X loves to keep me happy and I love massages. As you might have guessed by now the massage led to some great sex. Ms. X loves the top and I was more then happy to oblige her, Ms. X has claimed to never have squirted or having that big "O" as you ladies like to call it. After an hour of her riding she started to get really into it and I asked her to focus on her orgasm, as she did I started thrusting harder and harder, so hard I woke my roomate 2 floors above us (either that or Ms. X's love moans woke him.) After we finished catching our breaths Ms. X exclaimed that she had never felt the way she just did and upon further inspection she procalimed that she had totally climaxed and squirted I guess the giant wetspot on my sheets were her clue. Tune in later for Saturdays and Sundays update. Ciao for now.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Finally Settled

Hello Fellow Bloggers,
Well after a rough 2006, both with family and the job market I have resurfaced again and hope to keep my blog up to date. Where to start..... well I just moved in the last 2 weeks, still living in Virginia but I have moved a little further out from the city to a town called Cetreville. I am still working in the mortgage industry as Senior Loan Officer and thank God, the market has been much better this year then last. My mother and Grandmother are both recovering at home finally. Just a reminder, my mother suffered a heart attack in Decemeber, which was caused by stress with her dealing with her mothers illness for the last year. I am not sure what else to write at the moment so I will check back later. Hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Long Weekend

Its been a while since I have posted, but things are starting to look up a little finally. First things first, I have to report that my grandmother by the grace of God is improving. She started her rehab and last week walked up and back the entire length of the rehab bars with assistance. Huge improvement considering she hasn't taken a step since early June. So im feeling better about that and OH she will be 94 on September 1st.

Secondly on Saturday I had 2 football drafts, the first one started early with a huge crab and beer fest. Then I finished the night off with a concert by a band called the Legwarmers, there an 80's cover band it was a great show. I was a little hesitant at first to go but Im glad I did, the music was awesome and lets just say I was FUBAR. If you dont know what FUBAR is ask me and I will tell you. Oh did I mention that I had two great drafts. Here are my teams.... league1

QB's RB's WR's TE's
Donavan McNabb Carnell Williams Hines Ward Tony Gonzalez
Michael Vick Shaun Alexander Derrick Mason Chris Cooley
Steve Mcnair Ahman Green Jevan Walker
Duce Staley Terry Glenn Kr's
Chris Brown Keenan Mcardell Nate Keading
Antwan Randle El Matt Stover

DEF's Tampa Bay and Washington

League 2....

QBS RB's WR's TE's
Donovan McNabb Brian Westbrook Darryl Jackson Tony Gonzalez
Drew Brees Shaun Alexander Terry Glenn Dallas Clark
Tatum Bell Keenan McCardell
Cedric Houston Ashlie Leli

Adam Vinateri Carolina

I had the first pick in League 1 and the 2nd pick in League 2, over all I fared pretty well and feel I have strong Fantasy teams, I may need to adjust a little, but Im confident that I will at least make the playoffs in both my leagues, barring any injuries to my Fantasy STUDS.

Finally I have to report that the mortgage business is improving here locally. But at the same time I have picked up a part time job bartending at a restuarant called "The Palm". If you haven't heard of 'The Palm" check out there website at This is a very high end establishment with 13 locations through out the country. Hope you all are doing well and hope to hear from you. My first nigth bartending is tonight so hopefully when I get home I have some comments to respond to. Have a great day and talk to you all soon.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Where has all the business gone?

Well I apologize for not being around much lately. All though there are a few of you who I have visited and left comments for in recent days. Just to get you up to date, Work has sucked for the most part recently, the home buyers are non existent right now do to the influx in our local market. So I have been scrambling investigating other jobs and traveling back and forth to Philly for the weekends to be with my Grandmother. As for the date with Carissa, I will not complete it (the story) at this point since there is no reason, let me just say that I have since hooked her up with a friend of mine and she has done the same for me, hooking me up with a friend of hers. Life will go on and hopefully I can make some sense of it in the future. Hope you all are doing well and doing your best to keep cool in the HOT weather.